Dead Car Battery – Common Causes.

Dead Car Battery Common Causes

Until the next technology evolution comes, the current generation petrol and diesel cars are relying on starter batteries for engine cranking. When a car failed to start, most people will assume the battery is faulty. However, many car owners unaware that many factors can cause a dead car battery.

Most common causes:

  • Premature failure / short circuit / dead cell of the car battery.
  • Long car storage period / not starting the car for a long period.
  • Faulty alternator, faulty voltage regulator or slipping alternator belt which provide insufficient charging for the car battery.
  • Bad wiring which often caused by improper (non-factory fitted) third party accessories wiring.
  • The car has too many accessories installed. For example, high-wattage amplifier or “always on” dashboard camera often drains a battery if settings are improper. Electronic devices left plugged in at the lighter port or USB can cause “parasitic drain” as well.
  • Headlights, interior lights or radio are left “on” when engine is not running.
  • Lack of battery maintenance, such as dirty or corroded terminals which lead to poor connections.
  • Battery freezes under low temperature.
  • The car has extremely high mileage due to commercial use.

Most factors above (except the first one) are related to external causes. Proper car maintenance can often prevent such external factors. If the above sounds like your situation, do not be surprised when your car battery fails sooner than it should be. Take precautions and get your car diagnosed periodically. You probably find yourself saving a lot of hassle and money with a longer life car battery.

If you have trouble finding which battery type suits for your car, do refer here to check up on the car model vs battery type.

If you need guidance on how to DIY for battery replacement, do check out the video here.

Dead Car Battery – Common Causes.

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